Meet Me

Welcome to my personal biographical page.  On this page you will learn a little about me and what I want to share with you as parents or students.  I know that God has many blessing in store for us. I am looking forward to my tenth year here at Angleton Christian School.

My Teaching Philisophy
I believe that all children can learn. How quickly they learn depends upon the ability of the child and the effectiveness of the teacher. It is the teacher's responsibility to be well versed in the subject they are teaching. The teacher guides the student through experiences that enable the student to think, to reach their own conclusions, and to apply what they have learned. The goal of the teacher is to help students develop skills to become fully functional citizens.

My Educational Background
I am a Texas certified teacher in grades 1-8. I graduated from the University of Texas at Odessa in Dec. 1975 with a Bachelor's Degree in English and Education.
 I have taught for more than 40 years in grades 3-8 both in private and public schools.  Most of my free time is spent making digital scrapbooks, looking for things to use in my class on Pinterest, and I enjoy using technology. I often put computers to use in my classroom and in our school as the school's webmaster.

My Personal Background
I grew up  in a small town in the Rio Grande Valley, Rio Hondo, Texas.  I gave my heart, life and soul to the Lord Jesus Christ when I was seven years old after hearing a loving Sunday School teacher tell about how Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sin.  I will never forget the day I went down to the front of the little church and gave my all to Jesus. 

I was called to be a teacher and that is my God given purpose in life.  I teach children's Sunday School and Vacation Bible School at my church, First Baptist, in Sweeny. I also love to sing and share my talent by singing in the adult choir and am part of a worship team.  God has guided my life in so many ways to prepare me to teach and share His love with my students at Angleton Christian School.  How I came to teach at ACS is a miraculous story of ministry and divine providence.

I have been married for 38 years to my sweet Christian husband, Jerry Hamlin.  We have two grown children.  Candice Hamlin Rayburn and her husband, Jeff Rayburn, have two little children Campbell and Cade.  Jerry and I go and see them in Frisco every month.  It is a long 6 hour drive on a weekend, but nothing could keep us away as we watch our grandchildren grow.  Our son, Jonathan, fought in the Iraqi Freedom war and is now out of the army and resides in Texas.

My Favorites Include:

*  Color: Red or Pink
* Food: Mexican,Italian, and Seafood
*Snacks:  Pringles, mixed nuts, fresh fruits
*Beverages: Coke and regular coffee ( no flavored)
*Shopping Stores: Palais Royal, J. C. Penny, Dillards, Bath and Body Works
*Christian Music: 3rd Day, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin, and Casting Crowns
*Scents: Cinnamon and Apple
*Candy: I am not a fan of sweets
* Teacher Things: notepads, journals, or containers with colors such as aqua, yellow and lime green, black gel pens, plastic paper clips.  See a photo of my room to see my cool owl color scheme this year.

Jerry and Me

Jonathan in Iraq

Candice and Jeff
Campbell and Cade